I am specialized in event management and in the production of multimedia projects for the non-profit industry. I have great interest in social development and the area’s of technology and sustainability are particularly interesting to me. Please have a look at my portfolio with videos and picture galleries of the various events, conferences and documentaries that I have produced.

About me
My name is Juriaan Moolhuijsen (4 October 1983). I graduated in 2007 with the production of an online documentary project about Latin America. With the project Pure Nature I researched the possibilities of displaying audiovisual archives online in multiple layers. It is produced in Bangalore in India and it is permanently hosted at the Video Art Database of The Cologne Online Film Festival. I have produced multiple documentaries and video portraits about the TodaysArt Festival and my involvement with the local art scene in The Hague inspired me to initiate various cultural projects. In the past years I have organized over a 150 events including the Delta Festival in Theater de Regentes and three editions of the Langweiligkeit Festival. In 2012 I continued working at BiD Network Foundation in Amsterdam as event coordinator of Growing SMEĀ“s which took place at the World Forum.

I studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands and I hold an MA in Interactive Multimedia and a BA in Interaction Design.

Social development, communication, technology, media production, event coordination, consultancy, productional support, concept development, project plans, budgeting, planning, budget control, narrative reports and financial reports.

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