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Continuation Of Dream
My new documentary Continuation of Dream elaborates on challenges faced today by environmental initiatives in the Brazil Amazon and Antarctic Peninsula, providing insights into living in harmony with nature. The trailer will be released soon. If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, watch it now!

Continuation of Dream

Title: Portraits of TodaysArt(2010)
Project summary: Portraits of TodaysArt is a series of three video portraits of The Todaysart Festival. Tommie Sunshine: a record producer, remixer, DJ and songwriter of electronic music from Chicago currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Juan Atkins: a North American musician. He is widely credited as the originator of techno music, specifically Detroit techno along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Monolake: an electronic music act based in Berlin.

Portraits of TodaysArt

Title: Delta Festival(2009)
Project summary:The Delta Festival is an ambitious cooperation between the underground scene of the Langweiligkeit Foundation and the established culture institution Theater De Regentes. The Delta Festival takes place at Theater De Regentes and presents a virtuous and varied program. Visitors will be engaged at workshops to experiment with synthesizers and electronic music. To stimulate young talent the Langweiligkeit Foundation organizes the Freakpodium contest, putting new talent on the Delta Festival. With the unique ambiance of the location and the extraordinary line-up, it promises to be an impressive festival.

Delta Festival from moolhuysenproductions on Vimeo.

Title: TodaysArt promotion video (2008)
Project summary: The promotional video displays some of the highlights of the TodaysArt Festival. A selection of artists share their views on this festival for adventurous creativity. Special thanks to Irfaan Koerban, Jorrit Huisman, Wouter Tjaden, Irene Moolhuysen and the participated artists and crew of the TodaysArt Festival.

TodaysArt Promotional video (2008) from moolhuysen on Vimeo.

Title: Pure Nature (2007) new media documentary
Project summary: Pure Nature is an online exhibition on a journey through South America. At the exhibition you can explore South America’s greatest nature, culture and adventures guided by gringo Yuri. You will get to know the Atlantic coast of South America; the heart of our world: The Amazon; the largest mountain chain of the world: The Andes; the amazing heights and flats of the Altiplano and the most contradicting part of the world: The Pampas & Patagonia. (HKU, EmmaFlip Design)
European Media Master of Arts

A Journey Through South America

Assignment context: Experiments with sound installations, net art, interactive film and other forms of art, are challenging all designers of the creative industry to explore the limits of new media. In the design processes we have to think of all the necessary requirements to achieve the outcomes we want. With my project I determined the boundaries of new media experiences to improve the quality of emotional involvement.
Research: Download Research Thesis (PDF)
Concept: Pure Nature is characterised as a new media experience with the database structure and the interconnected objects of the video streams at the exhibition. The boundaries of Pure Nature are determined by the playing time and the space wherein users can interact. In relation to space, new media stimulates emotional involvement by connecting the three individual video streams. All four realms of experiences are
integrated to improve the quality of emotional involvement. On a physical level, visitors can sense the whole experience by seeing and hearing the movies, touching artefacts and by smelling the incense. On cognitive and physical level, the information given in the main movie instantly relates to the active video’s of the database streams.

Result:New media experiences involve interaction with time and space and with new media we can predefine boundaries wherein users can interact freely. In general I can say that for emotional involvement we need to guide the subjective experience on both cognitive and physical levels in relation to time and space if we want to achieve a successful new media experience. In this way we can improve the quality of emotional involvement and provide total user experiences.

Title: Todaysart Festival Documentary (2006) Dual Angle
Project summary: TodaysArt is the anual international multidisciplinary modern creativity Festival in The Hague. The festival offers a programme at 20 venues (in- and outdoor) in the city centre with more than 200 artists from over 25 countries, all presenting their creative vision about what Art is Today in terms of music, video and visual arts, film, photography, fashion, performing arts, theatre, contemporary dance and other disciplines and crossovers. (Jean Jacques Perrey, United visual Atists)

Click here for the dual angle documentary (2006)
Result: Dual angle documentary on DVD

Title: TodaysArt Festival documentary (2005)

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